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Revelation, Four Views, A Parallel Commentary
Steve Gregg

What a treasure! Thank you Mr Gregg for all your hard work in piecing together and laying out side-by-side the four main understandings of The Revelation. Whilst I do not have absolute hard and fast opinions of how The Revelation should be interpreted I am continually concerned about the excessive dogma and combined ignorance of so many people where this most difficult book of The Bible is concerned…

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Come With Me Through Isaiah
David Pawson

Have you ever met a Christian who set out to read the Bible cover-to-cover and got stuck in Leviticus!? It’s a familiar story isn’t it? I’ve often heard people say, “I find Leviticus so hard.” Now, whilst I confess that I do find the fine detail of all the sacrificial offerings and priesthood ceremonies a little difficult to follow at times I don’t usually cite Leviticus as my most difficult Bible book to read. Yes, I confess that reading the prophets – especially the ‘big ones’ – is probably my most difficult times of Bible reading…

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Strong’s Concordance
James Strong

I was handed a Strong’s concordance as a gift when I was a young believer. Apparently, the one I have was dropped on the floor at the distribution centre where my friend worked and was either sold-off cheap or given to him free. If you’ve seen this book, any version of it, you’ll know that dropping one could easily cause some damage. This book is big…

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Biblical Church Study

The Biblical Pattern for Church Government
How should a church meet?
Where should a church meet?
What size should a church be?
Is the 'pastoral system' Biblical?

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Free Gospel Tract

Free Gospel Tract - Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Did Jesus Die?
If you are not a Christian yet please read this. If you are a Believer you can freely print this tract and pass it on.

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