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The Monologue Culture
PART 2 – Word Study: PREACH

There are a variety of Greek words used in the New Testament which are translated as: ‘PREACH’, ‘TEACH’ and ‘EXHORT’. I shall not attempt an exhaustive study of every last one but with the use of a Strong’s Concordance and other Bible Dictionaries it is easy to see and summarise the main words that are used and see them in their context.

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Biblical Church Study

The Biblical Pattern for Church Government
How should a church meet?
Where should a church meet?
What size should a church be?
Is the 'pastoral system' Biblical?

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Free Gospel Tract

Free Gospel Tract - Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Did Jesus Die?
If you are not a Christian yet please read this. If you are a Believer you can freely print this tract and pass it on.

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