Brother Mike has recently spoken three prophecies (in the sense of ‘words of encouragement’ as opposed to specifically ‘predictive prophecies’) in a local meeting. He has been sharing these words with wider audiences and has asked that I post them here – for whomsoever it may encourage…

Three Prophetic Words

Prophecy One

Simply to go on praying and not to stop and that our prayers would be answered. The Lord said that “He heard all our requests and every prayer offered to Him was noted and would be answered. Some things we had prayed for a long time and yet the answers would come”. Different people in the meeting felt this encouraged them to continue to pray for our country, as they had been doing, some for a revival, local, national and worldwide. Some were encouraged to continue to pray for relatives and friends, for whose salvation they had sought the Lord for a long time. The prophecy gave a great empowerment and liberation to the praying, as if it opened up an access which we had not known before and a greater confidence in the Lord and His hearing and ability to answer. There was with the word, when we prayed, a real excitement and expectation of God.

Prophecy Two

The work we are engaged upon is an important work. It may not seem important in the world’s eyes where business, finance, politics and health seem to be the prime concerns of human beings. God sees things very differently; His thoughts and ways are much higher than our thoughts and ways and the important work for Him is the building of His church and the gathering in of all that will belong to the Lord Jesus at His coming. The warning was that there are many distractions, which can take us away from this central important work; much was again about praying, but also about our own personal lives and that we don’t get taken up with less important things. Although not specified in the word, the things which distract people are pet doctrines, buildings, politics, church structure, money, prosperity, projects of their own creation and so on; the list could be really long as there are so many ways in which people get distracted. We were to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus and hear His voice and follow Him. The word ‘there are many distractions’ was repeated at least 3 times to emphasise the point to us.

Prophecy Three

This was about understanding the times we live in. As an explanation, it is clear, as mentioned in Psalm 2, that many things rise up in these times; ‘the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing’. All sorts of spiritual powers, which relate to other religions, all sorts of immorality and also nations and tribes and languages, science and so on, rise up. Sometimes there is a combination of such things in particular countries. These things seek to throw off the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who has a Name above every Name, both in this world and that which is to come. So why do these powers even try, when it is impossible for them to overcome? Of course, there is the damage to human lives which comes from these things and people being led away into all sorts of wrong activities, whether it be immorality, false religion and nationalism, the teaching of evolution and science and so on. None of these things ever give eternal live but only the ‘pleasures of sin for a while’. The truth is that these powers/principalities/spiritual wickedness in heavenly places make and believe a lie, as their source is the ‘father of lies’. They must have their day, they must rise up until it is demonstrated that they have no ultimate power over the reigning authority of the Lord Jesus. Each spiritual wickedness that rises up will be shown not to be greater than the Lord Jesus and yet all must have their day. When all have been shown to fail in their bid to overthrow the authority of the Lord, then He will be free to return. When every knee bows and every tongue confesses Him Lord, in that day, it will be totally true as it will have been proved and worked out upon the earth. ‘He must reign until all His enemies are made His footstool’. The church will always overcome, as Jesus is head over all things for them, and whether they live or die they are the Lord’s and none of the things which rise up against the people of God can separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Psalm 46 was read and please read it for yourself and maybe have it available as you read this through.

The word is “Be still and know that I am God”. It is for the people of God, the true church of Jesus Christ, filled with His Spirit, to know that He is God; “I am the Lord and there is none other”. It is for us to really know this truth deep in the heart, so that when ‘men’s hearts fail them for fear’ the church is aware that He really is God and really is the Lord and all things are subject to Him. To stand and be a witness that He is God at those times and to know this truth, however difficult things become. The first verse tells us that He is ‘a very present help in trouble’, as He is always our refuge and always available to meet our need. We always have access to Him; therefore, we need not fear whatever happens on the earth. There is a river, which flows from the throne of God (Revelation 22) which makes glad the city of God, the New Jerusalem, the church of Jesus Christ, and that river flows for and to every member. We are temples of the living God, tabernacles of the most High God, and each member receives the joy that comes from our Lord Jesus. God is in the midst of the river. He makes sure that He minsters to every member; it is too important to leave such a ministry to anyone else. The city, the church, therefore will not be moved but stand in the evil day, because God will help her as soon as help is needed. Often Christians don’t know how they would cope in a crisis or in persecution, but the truth is that help only comes when it is needed; it will come and the Lord will help us ‘very early’.

The heathen raged: yes, they do, there is such anger against the Lord and His Christ and His church; but God speaks, so come and see the works of the Lord, come and be assured, come and know that He is God. He will be exalted among the heathen and in all the earth.
“The earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”, and that glory will be shown through His church, who will declare the authority and salvation of the Lord Jesus in every tribe and language and people and nation. The Lord of hosts, the God of Jacob is with us. Jesus is with His church and will support and bring His people through unto the day when He comes again.

May the Lord Jesus minister to you with these thoughts and encourage you to lift your head to Him; for your redemption draws near.

Mike Cadman 2017

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